Before you even graduate, you start worrying about your future. Getting a job these days is beyond tough, especially landing with one of your own preference and liking. No matter if you’re an undergraduate, are currently working somewhere and want to switch to a better job or have been job hunting for months but haven’t gotten lucky, don’t lose hope! Here are 5 easy steps for job searching:



The most important step when job hunting is to narrow down your expertise. A career counsellor will guide you in the best way possible and will make it easier for you to search for a job in the right places. They will also help you in determining the kind of soft skills you have, which are essential when it comes to being recruited. You can probably find a Career Counselor at your university, but if not, you can check out these links of some of the best Career Counselors we found:

Career Counselling Pakistan

  1. JBA (Joy Business Academy):

Whether you’re finding your first ever job or want to get better at the current one, JBA is the place to go! They prepare you for jobs according to your set of skills. They teach both core and soft skills and match you with your dream or preferred job. They have truly made this job-hunting process fairly easy. Online courses are available at their website, and we’re offering an exclusive scholarship of 70% Off, all you have to do is fill out this form and JBA will contact you: 70% Scholarship on JBA


If you’re business-minded and want to either work with startups or have your own, business incubators are the best place to work at. You can either do an internship for a startup or can get a really good job based on your skills, as accelerators pay pretty well. Working at an incubator can also benefit you in ways if you want to start your own business. So, it’s a win-win situation!

Some of the top incubators in the country are:


From helping you get done with endless assignments to making a future, google has always been there by your side (unlike your crush). Google’s search engine has been a blessing! Through it, you can easily connect with companies and find vacancies of your preference. It will give you tons of ideas and options, which will make this entire process all the more bearable.


Mostly all companies these days reach out to their targeted audiences through advertisement. They advertise job vacancies on both social media and in newspapers. You can thoroughly check Facebook, LinkedIn, google job search engine and newspapers every week, to stay updated with what each company has to offer in terms of jobs.

Whether you’re looking for part time work, or a full-time position, these resources will increase your chances exponentially of landing a great job. Our recommendation is to try out JBA ( as you can increase your skill set while looking for a job. JBA also ensures that you end up enhancing your career prospects while you’re at a job.