The classroom, by design, is the place where people are supposed to learn day in day out. Yet, even after countless lectures and multiple completed courses, there exists a wealth of knowledge for students to explore and make the most of. There are some important skills that you can pick up outside of the classroom as a student without having to do anything major.

Out of the many skills you can pick up, there are some that are highly important. A little search will more often than not lead to the skills of communication, obtaining social and political knowledge, the ability to express yourself and gain confidence in yourself. These are skills that are considered to be essential for any person. According to statistics almost 57% of the students participate in some sort of extra-curricular activity in schools. These activities are well documented to mold students into ideal professionals.

In a study conducted in the United States at Lyons Township High School it was concluded that students taking part in activities outside the school were at average scoring half a point higher in their grade point average scores as compared to students who weren’t participating in such activities. The study is backed up by industrial evidence where it was shown that 70% of the CEOs held at least one office in a club or organization during their studies. Keeping the above in mind here are some skills you need.


Teamwork is an essential concept that every individual needs to have an ingrained idea of. In the corporate world and in almost every single profession, teamwork is what helps both the individual and the collective to excel. To get an idea of how teamwork helps you and understanding what it means in the long run, sports is the best option. Join a sports club to do that.

Leadership and Public Speaking

Leadership and public speaking are qualities that allow you to lead from the front and let people know what you want and how you want it. To learn how to gain these qualities and make the most of them, you need to participate in MUNs.

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MUNs allow you to form your opinions and express them in front of a competitive audience. It gives you the ability to form connections based on mutual opinions and views and make the most of them. You are basically leading your own cause during an MUN session, and is your first step towards gaining the quality of leadership. A student gearing up for his or her professional life needs to understand the cardinal qualities of diplomacy and teamwork. Model United Nations help lay down a platform for the students each assigned his or her stance to help convince the committee to agree and hopefully pass a mock resolution.

Due to the various technicalities involved where delegates cannot shift from the official stance of the countries they are representing and the limited time to speak in moderated and un-moderated caucuses, MUNs provide an optimal challenge and a learning arena for prospective students to put on their suits and learn the epitome of political diplomacy, leadership skills, teamwork and public speaking demeanor.


The ability to form your own ideas without hesitance and speak what you want, you need to have confidence. Confidence is an innate quality that makes you approach anything and everything with an open mind and not feel that you’re not up to the task. To gain that confidence, an extracurricular activity such as dramatics or debating is a good option.

Students debating at LUMS
Students debating at LUMS. Register today for WorldMUN and get 30% Off


To succeed among the many people living in the same sphere as you, you need to be competitive. You need to see how people act in the business world and how you can live in it and succeed. Competitiveness is an essential quality and can be achieved through internships. As an intern, you can learn about businesses firsthand.

The main reason for a student being in a classroom is academic prowess. This however shouldn’t bar you to not take advantage of the various activates being conducted on and off campus to hone your skills and to give you an edge over the competition. It should be taken into account that it is always preferred being a master of one rather than a jack of all trades. So pick out the co-curricular activity that looks most inviting and jump right in.